Jul 16, 2019

RTA pilots solar real-time bus arrival information signs

By: Mandy Metcalf, Planning Team Leader - Programming & Planning Dept.

Jul 12, 2019

You could say Nick Krehel Jr. was born into his position at RTA.

May 30, 2019

Leslie Rivers just celebrated her 19th anniversary here at RTA as a bus operator and has definitely made those years count! You can always find her with a smile on her face.

Apr 8, 2019

We would like to congratulate William Pillow, Alarice Reedy, and Calvin Scalf for receiving the 2018 General Manager’s Customer Service Award! 

Apr 4, 2019

The Management Development Program (MDP) began in 2008 as a way of building bench strength within RTA for future leaders.

Mar 25, 2019

The RTA Travel Trainers are a small but mighty duo; Adrienne Parker and Alisa Murray are the faces of the RTA Travel Training service. Both come from the social worker backgrounds and coincidentally, used to work together prior to RTA.

Mar 6, 2019

Rob Atkinson is one of RTA’s finest Service Quality Inspectors and has been part of the RTA family for almost 18 years. Rob began as a driver at Harvard and then Triskett where he worked his way up to being an ambassador on the trolleys.

Feb 27, 2019

Erica Tucker, Community Relations Specialist
21 years at RTA, 19 of official service credit at RTA

Feb 1, 2019

Congratulations to RTA Transit Police officer, Zach McLeish for being awarded the 2019 Lorain County Big Brother of the Year!