Our Mission:

Connecting the Community

Our Vision:

Leading the delivery of safe and creative mobility solutions and community connections

How We Will Measure Our Success:

Customer Experience

  • Net Promoter Score
  • Overall Customer Satisfaction
  • On-Time Performance Impression
  • On-Time Performance Actual
  • Safety Impression
  • Safety Actual Incidents

Financial Sustainability

  • Percent of Committed Funds to the Capital Fund Goal
  • 25% of Operating Expense Covered by Own Source Revenue
  • Overall Operating Cost/Revenue Hour
  • Overall Customers/Revenue Hour

Community Value

  • Community Perception of Access to Service
  • Community Perception of Access to Employment
  • Community Perception that Transit Investment Occurs Where Needed
  • Percent of Jobs Accessible by Transit Within an Hour
  • Percent of Public Subsidy for Operations
  • GCRTA Capital Investment

Employee Growth

  • Percent who Agree Supervisor Invested in Growth and Success
  • Percent who Understand Vision and Direction of GCRTA
  • Percent who Understand how Performance Linked to Organizational Success
  • Percent who Recommend GCRTA as a Place to Work
  • Percent of Employees who Found Training Valuable
  • Hours of Training Per Capita

Our Values

Safety: The safety of our passengers, our employees and the general public is always our top priority.

Ethics and Integrity: We are dedicated to the highest ethical standards, including uncompromising honesty and integrity in our daily activities.

Service Excellence: We will provide safe, clean, reliable, on-time, courteous service that our customers and the community will view as outstanding.

Fiscal Responsibility: We are committed to manage every taxpayer and customer-generated dollar as if it were coming from our own pocket.

Teamwork: We believe in teamwork and will foster a spirit of cooperative effort within RTA and with our partners.

Responsibility and Accountability: Every individual is accountable. Meeting our individual responsibilities will ensure that collectively, RTA is a high-performing organization. We will meet all regulations and commitments and continually strive to improve.

Respect: We will treat all members of the RTA family, our customers and the general public with dignity and respect.

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