Adopt a Shelter

RTA maintains more than 1,000 shelters throughout Greater Cleveland. These shelters provide our customers with a comfortable place to wait for their bus.

Keeping these shelters clean and attractive is a key priority. 

Shelters are cleaned regularly, however, there are times, like in the winter, when special attention may be needed.

Even with this level of service, it is often difficult to keep shelters in optimum condition for our customers and their neighborhoods.

RTA’s Adopt-A-Shelter program is one solution to this issue.

  • It provides an opportunity for members of the community to help RTA maintain its shelters. Clean and attractive shelters are a benefit to the community.
  • This program allows local businesses, organizations, churches, individuals and neighborhood street clubs to keep their local shelters attractive and well maintained.
  • Shelters can be adopted for a five year period.

RTA encourages you or your group to considering adopting a shelter today.

What kinds of shelters are there?

  • Stations are Rapid Stations or a HealthLine Stations. They have dedicated work crews and are not up for adoption. Some HealthLine Stations have paid sponsors, such as CSU or Medical Mutual.
  • Stops or Bus Stops are marked by an RTA sign on a utility pole. There is no structure to adopt.
  • Shelters are where people wait for a bus or train. You can adopt these, and we appreciate your efforts to help us maintain them.

What are my responsibilities?

  • Help remove debris between scheduled cleanings.
  • Call 216-566-5135 to report the need for repair, due to damage or vandalism.
  • Call 216-566-5135 to report special cleaning needs.
  • When possible, provide extra care by planting flowers and shrubs.
  • RTA maintains liability for all shelters.

What are the benefits of adopting a shelter?

  • A plaque acknowledging the adoption will be secured to the shelter.
  • You will receive recognition in Rider's Digest, RTA's customer newsletter.
  • You will gain the satisfaction of contributing to a cleaner, more attractive environment.
  • Groups will demonstrate their commitment to the community.

Who can adopt shelters?

  • Individual homeowners and residents
  • Churches or church groups
  • Scouting units
  • Local development corporations
  • Schools
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Merchants
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Fraternities or sororities
  • Political clubs and organizations
  • Anyone who wants to make their neighborhood more attractive.

How can I get involved in enhancing my community?

This program is under revision and is not taking any applications at the current time.

Recognizing those who have adopted shelters throughout Cuyahoga County

  • Jennifer Fitzgerald
  • Ward 3 Democratic Club
  • Ward 3 Dem Club Pres. Joseph Rider
  • Sir Howard Van Leer II
  • Excelsior Lodge #11
  • The Frickster
  • Friends of the Heights Library
  • Hattie B. Alexander #41 Girls Assembly
  • Israel United in Christ
  • The Weil Family
  • Daniel Petrus
  • delvonharris

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