2019 Transit Police Exemplary Service Award Winners

May 21, 2020

Detective William Lowe

A 23 year veteran of the Transit Police Department, Detective William Lowe has and continues to perform at an exemplary level.

RTA has a partnership with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD), being the main source of transportation for over 18,000 students. As a result, juvenile incidents make up a large percentage of Transit Police calls for service. It is imperative that these calls be handled in a professional manner, and with Detective Lowe in charge, they certainly are. He has established and maintains a great working relationship with CMSD, the Department of Children and Family Services, and the Juvenile Court System. His rapport with school administrators and contacts within the multiple CMSD schools is invaluable as he works diligently to investigate and solve incidents involving juvenile victims and suspects. Although at times this can be daunting work, Detective Lowe continually perserveres, resolving his cases and leaving no stone unturned.

Detective Lowe is also well versed in RTA's expansive camera systems. He handles the majority of requests from outside agencies seeking video to assist in solving crimes. Many time, with limited information, he takes on the time consuming task of combing through video to find the pertinent segments, and thereby solving cases.

Detective Lowe has exhibited a commitment to excellence, professionalism and teamwork. More impressive, is that his exceptional work performance is a daily commitment. We are proud to have him as a member of the Transit Police team, and congratulate him on his Exemplary Service Award for 2019!


Patrol Officer Timothy Hassings

Patrol Officer Hassings is a four year veteran Patrol Officer of the Transit Police Department. On his own, Patrol Officer Hassings recognized a need to update the Field Training Officer Manual. Officer Hassings voluntarily took on this task. The Field Officer Training (FTO) program is a 16-week training period for all new officers at the conclusion of the police academy and after passing the state certification exam. The FTO program transitions new officers from a classroom environment to the real world of policing, introducing them to the practical world of RTA and Transit Police. This is important because it establishes a critical foundation for a professional career as a police officer.

This was a sizeable task involving a considerable amount of time, research, inter-departmental communication, and writing skills. Additionally, Patrol Officer Hassings transitioned this manual from paper to digital, with all forms now being submitted and stored electronically, eliminating the need for cumbersome binders filled with paper. It is truly remarkable the amount of drive and initiative he demonstrated to complete this task. The product produced is a testament to his exceptional work performance. The Field Officer Training Manual will be a great asset to our FTO and positvely affect the police training for new hires. We are proud to have Patrol Officer Hassings in our Transit Police family and congratulate him on receiving the 2019 Transit Police Exemplary Service Award!