2020 Rail Rodeo

Sep 17, 2020

For the past few years, the GCRTA rail district has hosted a local rodeo to determine the best of the best when it comes to Operators, Track personnel and Equipment maintainers. Winners from this competition have the opportunity to travel to the American Public Transit Association (APTA) International Rail Rodeo to show off their skills. In addition, local bragging rights.

Our local rodeo for 2020 is being held on Saturday, September 19, 2020. GCRTA rail staff will compete in the following categories: Transportation, Mechanics and Power & Way.

Rail operators are eligible to compete in the transportation category with tests on Safety, Uniform and Equipment Inspection, Pre-Trip Inspection, Customer Service and an Operating Course. Each course is worth a set amount of points totaling 1,000.

Safety: Quiz of policies and procedures relative to safe train operations. Questions are derived from the Rail Operations Rule Book and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
Uniform Inspection: Grades the operator’s personal appearance and whether they have all the items with them that are a part of their uniform.
Pre-Trip Inspection: Tests the operator’s ability to check the items on their train and properly identify the items set up as defects.
Customer Service: Tests the operator in a number of customer service related functions such as giving directions or information, collecting fares, and making announcements.
Operating Course: Tests the operator’s ability to run through a test course that includes predetermined issues. They should be able to operate safely and smoothly through each scenario.

Rail Mechanics will be tested in a written and hands on demonstration. All events combined will be worth 500 points.

Written Test: Tests the knowledge of basic mechanics, sub systems of trains and miscellaneous safety items.
Hands on Demonstration: Multiple events are set up to allow mechanics to demonstrate their knowledge of repairing rail cars and the systems. These events could include working with couplers, trucks, electronics, electrical, pneumatics, HVAC or body systems.

Power & Way is an area of importance in rail and are being tested on their skills in the following categories:

• Track
• Substation
• Line
• Signals

The International Rail Rodeo is the competition part of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) annual rail conference. Competitors are from around the world- mostly the United States; however, also from Japan, China and Canada. The International Rodeo is the same as the local rodeo on a much larger scale. GCRTA was set to send transportation competitors to the 2020 Rail Rodeo in San Francisco, CA, however, due to COVID-19, this conference was canceled. We have sent competitors in the operations and equipment side and hope to for years to come!

We have 9 operators, 9 mechanics and 20 Power & Way employees scheduled to compete for prizes and bragging rights on September 19. Good luck to all!