Bus Driver Helps a Passenger in an Emergency Situation

Operator Jawahn Studgions' remarkable actions earned him recognition for his dedication to customer service and commitment to safety.

 Bus Driver Helps a Passenger in an Emergency Situation

Apr 26, 2024

On December 13, 2023, Operator Jawahn Studgions helped a passenger in an emergency situation on a dark, cold, winter night. A regular rider of the #251 route decided to change her daily routine by boarding a different stop, at Whitney-Pearl Road. As the bus approached this stop, the passenger stepped onto an icy sidewalk, resulting in a fall that led to her hitting her head. Without hesitation, the operator immediately rushed to the aid of the fallen passenger. Expressing genuine concern, he inquired about her well-being and offered assistance, including the option of medical attention. 

The passenger's daughter then arrived at the location and helped to care for her mother and get her the necessary medical attention she needed. One week later, the passenger told Studgions that she sustained a severe concussion, which caused her to lose her memory of the events following the incident. She commended Mr. Studgions for his soft-spoken nature, consistent warm greetings, great character, and his dedication to serving customers. 

For his remarkable actions, Jawahn Studgions was given the GCRTA Champions of Safety Award. This award is given to an employee who is recognized for identifying a safety hazard, assisting in the resolution and mitigation of a safety hazard, an employee who assists in incident investigations that aren't a part of everyday activities, or participating in the overall safety effort to reduce collisions, incidents, and injuries.