Clear Plastic Barriers Installed

May 11, 2020

RTA is installing clear vinyl curtains on all buses and paratransit vehicles to provide a protective barrier between operators and customers.

The barriers are made of clear, marine grade vinyl and are custom cut to provide a secure enclosure that extends from the back of the bus operator’s seat to the front windshield and from the ceiling to the floor, between the seat and the fare box. Double-sided Velcro is being used to position the vinyl in place.

This will protect both our operators and our customers from any transfer of droplets and offers an added layer of protection for everyone while on board. 

The vinyl can be rolled up and attached with Velcro straps for easy cleaning. As a reminder, all vehicles are cleaned every 24 hours. Additional disinfection is provided by the Moonbeam3 ultraviolet light technology.

Eighty of our paratransit vehicles will also be custom fit with the vinyl. This will join the 350 buses at both the Hayden and Triskett districts which will be completely installed by mid-May.

Other safety measures we are taking follow the guidelines specified by the Governor’s office, the CDC and State and Local Health Departments. We strongly recommend customers wear a face covering when on board. These face coverings can be a medical or homemade mask, scarf, bandana or other cloth that completely covers the mouth and nose. All RTA operators and customer-facing employees are required to wear face coverings while at work and all employees have their temperature checked upon entering the workplace. Updates on Coronavirus can be found here.