Jan 29, 2019

RTA Safety Director, Richard Czeck has compiled a list of transit safety tips to help you navigate RTA during the upcoming snowy and severe cold weather:

Riding the Bus and Train

  • Be early when possible.
  • Buses move only as quickly as traffic allows. With severe cold, wind and snow, please give yourself extra time and take an earlier bus to arrive at your destination on time.
  • Stand back from the curb until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Be visible.
  • We wear high-visibility safety gear. If possible, please wear light-colored clothing or safety outer wear on dark winter days that allow our Operators better visibility of patrons at bus stops.
  • Step carefully.
  • Bus steps can become slippery from snow and ice. Kick the snow from your boots/shoes before entering a bus. This will decrease snow melt on the bus floors and provide a safer environment for operators and passengers.
  • Dress warm. Layer as much as possible. Frostbite can reach any exposed skin in minutes with subzero temperatures. Remember your hat, gloves and scarf. Don't forget your winter boots!
  • Although our buses are warm, your trek to the bus stop may not be. Cold weather injuries can set in within minutes if not properly dressed. If the temperature in the bus is not right, please alert the operator so that a repair can be made. Please keep in mind, heating systems work overtime with the constant open and closing of doors along our routes and while it may not seem as warm inside the bus, the heat may still be working.
  • Don’t blame the operator.
  • Always remember, our operators are trained to drive safely and remain alert when driving a bus. They are working to ensure you reach your destination safely despite bad road conditions. A smile and “thank you” will go a long way in challenging cold weather conditions.

Riding the Train

  • Although winter weather and cold shouldn’t greatly affect rail travel, consider taking an earlier train to ensure on time arrival at your destination.

Safety on Rail Platforms

  • Walk slowly on platforms. Do not walk along the platform edge (yellow tactile strip). Stay back from the edge until the train comes to a complete stop.
  • Allows passengers to exit before you enter the train.
  • Know where to get information.

We will keep customers updated on bus and rail conditions through our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook) and also on the Transit App. Download the free app to get push notifications on your specific bus or rail route and real time tracking information. Updates are also available on www.rideRTA.com and by calling the RTAnswerline at 216-621-9500.


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