Dec 9, 2019

Fred Wilson, one of RTA’s Electronic Equipment Technicians, has been with RTA for 28 years, and for the past 14 years he has also been training young boxers in the Fairfax neighborhood. He developed a passion for boxing at a young age, finding stability and structure in the sport which helped keep him out of trouble.

Fred has trained over 500 kids, both boys and girls, including his own children. “It’s a long journey for those that find a love for the sport and want to go pro. Boxing is long hours of training involving cardio, form and stamina.” Fred genuinely enjoys teaching children the basics and watching them grow and improve with their skills.

Fred’s wife JoAnn, a fellow RTA employee, has helped immensely with the organization of travel, fundraising and overall support of Fred’s dream. “Fred is passionate about what he does. He takes pride in helping with youth programs. He genuinely enjoys spending time with the kids. We think of these children as our own, so to us they are family,” says JoAnn.

Check out his training videos on Instagram @Team216_boxers.