Introduction to RideRTA Blog

Oct 3, 2018


Our Customer Service staff receives a lot of questions about how RTA works. Through our social media channels we have been sharing some of the skills, experience and achievements of RTA employees. We have also highlighted some of the volunteer work they perform throughout the community. Many people are asking for more, so we have decided to introduce the RideRTA Blog to share stories about the variety of work that we do; everything from planning, scheduling, mechanical, operations, service quality, financial, programming and more.

Here are some of the basic facts:

Greater Cleveland RTA’s mission is to provide safe, reliable, clean and courteous public transportation. It is a clear, straightforward statement of what RTA employees work towards every day (even holidays). What is not clear and straightforward is what needs to happen behind the scenes to provide safe, reliable, clean and courteous public transportation.

• Greater Cleveland RTA has over 2,200 full and part-time employees who work on:
• 50 bus routes that provide more than 4,000 daily trips, with 406 full-size (40, 45 & 60 ft.) buses serving 6,000 bus stops
• 3 Bus Rapid Transit routes, 63 ft. long electric hybrid buses, with more than 500 combined weekday trips
• 3 Light Rail Lines, that serve over 34 stations on the Waterfront and Cleveland's east side into Shaker Heights
• 1 Heavy Rail Line, that serves 18 rail stations from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to the Louis Stokes Station at Windermere in East Cleveland
• Downtown Trolley Service with 4 routes that travel around downtown Cleveland seven days per week
• Paratransit Services with more than 80 vehicles owned and operated by RTA, and an additional 80 vehicles operated by private contractors

If you have questions, or would like us to share a blog about something specific please email

Thanks for your interest in RTA!