Kubo Retirement

May 22, 2020

We celebrate you, today, K-9 Officer Kubo! In your three short years on the Transit Police force, you have accomplished so much. As the department’s only dual-purpose K-9, you were trained in the areas of explosive detection, patrol, tracking and aggression and building and area search. Greater Cleveland and the RTA were kept a little safer due to your diligence doing sweeps at local events such as parades and races, and larger events like the recent MLB All Star Game and festivities and the Cleveland National Air Show. In 2019 we were proud to accept the donation of a protective vest for you from Brady’s K-9 Fund and MMI Textiles. Luckily, your vest will be passed down to your new brother, Valto, to use on the job. Enjoy your retirement, Kubo! Let your big brother Axo show you how to transition from police dog to pet. Thank you for all you’ve done for Greater Cleveland and RTA!

With Handler Dennis Harmon

With older brother, and former RTA K-9 Officer Axo

Just being cute!