My Summer Internship, by Yvette Duke

Oct 9, 2018

This summer I had the opportunity to work at Greater Cleveland RTA in the Human Resources Department as a Labor and Employee Relations intern. I am a current senior at Cleveland State University majoring in Organizational Leadership with a focus in Human Resources. I enjoy writing, traveling, spending time with family and adventure. While working at GCRTA I was able to grow my skillset, achieve personal growth, and create a vision of success in my future endeavors.

During my time at RTA, I learned that the Human Resources Department not only supports and adds value to the employees and organization as a whole, but creates a workplace culture and environment for economic success. Daily, I researched suggested updates for policies and procedures, tracked and analyzed benefits data, and updated data in the HRIS system to maintain accurate and current information on all employees.

RTA holds an annual wellness fair to promote and motivate employees through an educational and interactive outreach event.  As an intern, I was able to assist with the planning, development and the organization of the 2018 Authority-wide wellness fairs.

RTA is made up of bargaining and non-bargaining employees that require negotiations for agreements and contracts. By attending some of these meetings, I was able to further understand the importance of problem solving, decision making, listening, and communication and leadership skills.  This internship has truly been rewarding. I am forever thankful to have had the opportunity to enhance my skills and work alongside professionals who were willing to share their expertise and knowledge in the Human Resources career field at GCRTA.