PPE Kit Assembly

Apr 14, 2020

We would like to take a moment to share with you the awesome work of our Material Handlers at our Central Maintenance Bus Facility (CBMF).  In just one day, yes one day, they assembled 1,100 Personal Protective Equipment Kits (PPE) for our Operators and Frontline employees!  Each kit contains: 
• 1 pair of Safety Glasses/Goggles
• 3 pairs of disposable gloves
• 2 KN95 masks
• 2 packs of Clorox to-go wipes
• 1 personal sized spray bottle to refill with hand sanitizer or spray disinfectant

You may be wondering why we are using KN95 masks instead of the widely recommended N95 masks.  The N95 masks are commonly utilized by hospitals and first responders which has made them impossible to obtain.  Our team researched alternate mask and learned the KN95 masks are CDC rated and highly filtered.  With the approval of our Safety Department, we chose to use the KN95 masks which are commonly utilized in body shops because of their high filtration. We have also made masks and gloves available to all our staff as well.   
Due to high demand for PPE equipment, the CBMF staff are working tirelessly to obtain materials that comply with the CDC’s rating to properly protect our staff.  With the high demand of many products, our teams have found many items are becoming scarce.  In some cases, items we have order are being diverted to high priority locations such as hospitals or areas with higher concentrations of COVID-19 infected individuals.  Even with these challenges, our staff continues to work with trusted vendors to locate, purchase, and receive materials to prevent the spread of this virus.  They are committed to securing gloves, masks and other materials that will keep our staff safe so we can deliver vital transportation services to the communities we serve.  These employees are working together to help protect their fellow RTA family during this challenging time and we applaud them for their diligence, focus and hard work!