Sep 19, 2022

GCRTA Boosts Cleaning Program

GCRTA cleans and cares about rider satisfaction! To enhance customer satisfaction we have boosted our cleaning practices. Our maintenance staff has always had an extensive checklist for routine interior cleaning for GCRTA vehicles; however, we have updated our cleaning processes and decreased the amount of time between interior vehicle cleanings.

We currently have a detailed process that provides a clean ride for our passengers:

  1. Floors are swept, mopped, scrubbed, and rinsed
  2. Ceilings are mopped, wiped, and rinsed
  3. Seats, stanchion poles, grip handles, seat backs, seat bottoms, seat frames, tops, stop request cords, door handles, and all horizontal surfaces are wiped, and rinsed
  4. All surfaces, including stanchion poles and ceilings, are to be sanitized and dust-free
  5. Windows, doors, mirrors, and windshields are sprayed and wiped edge to edge with a squeegee for a streak-free appearance
  6. Removal of trash and debris
  7. Deodorizing the air, seats, and some surfaces
  8. Quality assurance checks to ensure quality cleaning standards are met

A Hostler (a member of GCRTA maintenance staff) cleaning one of the GCRTA vehicles.A Hostler (a member of GCRTA maintenance staff) cleaning one of our vehicles.

New Bus Seats Are Arriving

To better serve our customers, we are moving away from cushion seats to plastic seating. Starting with our HealthLine, buses will have plastic seats featured with built-in antimicrobial properties. Our cleaning procedures have been revised to incorporate the new plastic seats. To maintain this protection, we will reapply the protective coating periodically. These antimicrobial properties protect against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Antimicrobial seating example with a microscopic surface that protects against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.Antimicrobial seating example with a microscopic surface that protects against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.


Air Filtration and Air Quality

Our vehicles have air filters that keep you safe from the things in the air that you can't see. Improving the indoor air quality within a bus is the first step to creating a cleaner environment for passengers. All of our buses are equipped with a filtration system that helps reduce airborne contaminants, including particles containing viruses. This onboard filtration increases air quality by caputing pathogrens, particulates, and other contaminants from recirculated air without reductions in airflow. Just another way by RTA to provide a cleaner and more pleasant rider experience. 

We are hiring maintenance staff to dedicate individuals to cleaning our vehicles. Click here to search current job openings and apply to join the GCRTA clean team!



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