RTA Retiree Donates Face Masks

Jun 3, 2020

Frank Berry, a 2003 retiree, began his career at GCRTA in 1976 at the Woodhill district as a fixed route bus operator. He came here with the mindset of a short-term opportunity, but soon found a life-long career in transit. Mr. Berry drove the bus for 12 years, experiencing so much of what the city has to offer. With a good driving record, he left Woodhill District and took an opportunity at Rail as a Vehicle Servicer. “RTA gave me a great opportunity, and a great career that, in turn, gave me a great life.” Frank said, “I stuck with it after thinking it would be in the short-term and just couldn’t find a good enough reason to go”. He retired in September of 2003 and has since been spending his time with family and traveling.

However, his connection with GCRTA was never broken. He has a family here and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he found a way to help. With a number of supplies in high demand for businesses, families and first responders, Mr. Berry purchased disposable face masks to help aid GCRTA and other Northeast Ohio businesses to protect their employees and customers. He decided to donate 200 face masks to GCRTA, University Hospitals Warrensville drop off center and Advance Health Center in Wadsworth. To date, he has donated about 800 masks, with another 500 on the way. He plans to continue his donations to people and businesses in need.

We want to thank Mr. Berry for his support during this time, and for his many years of service to GCRTA and the Greater Cleveland Community.