Safe Place for the Holidays

Dec 28, 2020

The holiday season got a little brighter for one family this year after their autistic son was reported lost, disoriented and possibly on a GCRTA bus.

Service Quality Coordinator D’Von received a call from Operator Nicauya to request a wellness check from Transit Police regarding an autistic male that may be lost on his bus. A description was provided from the operator, as well as the direction the bus was traveling. Service Quality requested that Transit Police meet the bus at Windermere to assist Operator Nicauya and get more information on the situation.

Meanwhile, Transit Police dispatcher, Officer Wilson received a call from the boy’s mother stating that she was looking for her child. The description provided matched that of the child on Operator Nicauya’s bus. GCRTA staff provided the  child’s mother with the bus location and she was able to meet the bus on the road and was reunited with her son. This  was a great coordination effort between our staff.

“It felt really good to work together and be able to reunite a mother with her missing, autistic child just before the holidays! What a blessing!” says Service Quality Coordinator, D’Von.

Working diligently with others in the community, our Transit Police and Service Quality staffs keep Greater Clevelanders safe all year round.

All GCRTA buses and trains are designated Safe Places. Safe Place is a national program that provides safe haven for youth in crisis. On GCRTA vehicles and properties, youth in crisis mention to the operator or staff member that they need a Safe Place. One of our area partners will come to the location to meet the youth and provide them with care.

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