RTA + Cavs = a winning combination

 RTA + Cavs = a winning combination

The Cleveland Cavaliers are headed toward another great basketball season, and the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) is ready to take you to each and every home game this season. Save money and avoid parking hassles.

Ride the Rapid

Getting to Quicken Loans Arena is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Park free at any RTA Rapid Station, and buy a $5 All-Day Pass. .
  2. Ride downtown in style on any Rapid car -- it's a million dollar vehicle.
  3. Exit at the Tower City Station, and stroll down the Walkway. You can walk directly to your seat -- and NEVER have to walk outside. Cleveland's weather may be unpredictable -- but it is always warm inside Quicken Loans Arena. The Walkway opens two hours before each game, and closes 90 minutes after each game ends.

After the game, relax and take your time. Stay downtown and celebrate the big win. Rapid trains operate until after midnight, and your All-Day Pass is good until 3 a.m.

...OR, hop on the HealthLine

RTA's state-of-the-art HealthLine operates 24/7 on Euclid Avenue.

  1. Buy a $5 All-Day Pass before you board. There are red fare vending machines at each station.
  2. Board wherever it's convenient.
  3. Get off on Public Square, walk to the Tower City Station, and stroll down the Walkway.
  4. Be sure to say hello to the Transit Police on patrol, and SMILE, because you're on transit camera.

After the game, stay downtown as long as you want. We'll be ready when you are.

And, to help you get around, here are maps of the HealthLine, and the Rapid Transit network. Enjoy.