Customer's Choice Award

The Customer's Choice Award recognizes employees or employee groups for exceptional customer service. The Award will be given annually with no limit to the number of award recipients. There will be at least one award recipient each year.


All GCRTA employees or employee groups are eligible for the Award. An employee group could be a task force, team, or any combination of employees who work together on a project.


External or internal customers (no self-nominations) must nominate employees. Nominators will complete the nomination form and submit by December 15th to be awarded in January. Directors and Managers will review all nominations for compliance with criteria and make the final selection of award recipients.


Employees or employee groups would be eligible for the award after meeting one or more of the following:

  • Solving an extraordinary problem, achieving or exceeding a significantly difficult goal that serves internal and/or external customers.
  • Successful implementation of an innovative customer service idea or concept where the result is identifiable and measurable.
  • Outstanding act of customer service that brings positive recognition to the Authority or results in a delighted customer.

All award recipients are to have continued excellence in overall job performance (good work record).

The accomplishments should have been achieved within the calendar year for which the award is being given.

Please fill out the form below to describe why the nominee(s) deserves the Customer's Choice Award.

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