Community Partner Investment Program

 Community Partner Investment Program

GCRTA is always looking for ways to increase the number of sheltered waiting environments in our system. Shelters are deployed based on our boardings per stop policy and our service code. If a stop falls short of the boarding threshold, or if you are interested in something above and beyond a standard shelter, GCRTA’s Community Partner Investment Program allows you to help enhance your local waiting environments.

What is the CPIP?

The Community Partner Investment Program (CPIP) allows individuals, businesses, or organizations to provide funds to GCRTA for the purchase of a new shelter at a bus stop of their choosing. GCRTA can provide guidance in determining the ideal and most impactful location for new shelters. After the community partner provides payment, GCRTA will order the shelter, install it, and maintain it in accordance with our standards.

What are my options?

Under the CPIP there are many shelter options available including standard and enhanced styles. Community partners can purchase new shelters in GCRTA’s standard style with different pre-approved roof options. GCRTA also welcomes and facilitates enhanced shelters that integrate into varied streetscape designs and community branding initiatives.

GCRTA can also apply custom art to shelter glass with an adhesive vinyl wrap where it will not conflict with GCRTA advertising contracts and follow the sizing and visibility guidelines. GCRTA will assist community partners in layout and formatting artwork. A maintenance agreement is required for wraps.

Who can I contact for more information?

For CPIP inquiries involving new shelters and shelter wraps, please fill out the inquiry form below or contact Programming & Planning at

What if my organization wants to care for an existing shelter?

If you or your organization is interested in helping GCRTA maintain a pre-existing shelter, please visit our Adopt-a-Shelter page.

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