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Bike racks available
A train pulls into the Lee-Van Aken station.
3420 Lee Rd (at Van Aken Blvd)
Shaker Heights, OH 44120

This Blue Line station is at the intersection of Lee Road and Van Aken Boulevard. 

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2007, Transit-oriented Development Plan, from NOACA

It was initially developed as part of the original construction of the Shaker Rapid System. As part of the agreement that merged the Shaker Rapid System with the Cleveland Transit System in 1975, RTA completely reconstructed the Shaker Rapid light-rail system from 1980-81. At that time, the Lee - Van Aken Station was built and the screening wall installed. .

The station has the second highest ridership of the Blue Line stations east of Shaker Square, attesting to its importance as a destination within the community. It will connue to function as a major destination station within Shaker Heights and will grow with the planned development for the area. It will continue to offer transfer opportunities for crosstown passengers wishing to ride the rail to downtown or out to development in the Warrensville-Van Aken area.

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