Feb 5, 2014
Riders board a SARTA bus headed for Cleveland

CLEVELAND -- The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) and several other transit agencies in the region have partnered to better serve customers who use more than one public transit system to reach their destination.

New agreements

When customers come in from these transit agencies, they can transfer to RTA services at no charge.

Conversely, once a fare is paid on RTA for their return trip, there will be a credit offered to customers transferring to these agencies in the amount of the RTA fare paid, which is typically $2.25.

Existing agreements

These agencies already have an agreement with RTA. Customers will continue to have free transfers between those services and RTA buses and trains.

Additional details: Transfer Fact Sheet

Why? Many Northeast Ohio residents travel across county lines to reach their destinations. RTA officials hope this regional cooperation will make it more convenient and affordable for them to use public transit.

"Because of these agreements, we feel that all of the systems have potential to see an increase in ridership,” said Joseph Calabrese, RTA General Manager.