Mission, Vision, and Values

 Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission:

Connecting the Community

Our Vision:

Leading the delivery of safe and creative mobility solutions and community connections

How We Will Measure Our Success:

Customer Experience

  • Net Promoter Score
  • Overall Customer Satisfaction
  • On-Time Performance Impression
  • On-Time Performance Actual
  • Safety Impression
  • Safety Actual Incidents

Financial Sustainability

  • Percent of Committed Funds to the Capital Fund Goal
  • 25% of Operating Expense Covered by Own Source Revenue
  • Overall Operating Cost/Revenue Hour
  • Overall Customers/Revenue Hour

Community Value

  • Community Perception of Access to Service
  • Community Perception of Access to Employment
  • Community Perception that Transit Investment Occurs Where Needed
  • Percent of Jobs Accessible by Transit Within an Hour
  • Percent of Public Subsidy for Operations
  • GCRTA Capital Investment

Employee Growth

  • Percent who Agree Supervisor Invested in Growth and Success
  • Percent who Understand Vision and Direction of GCRTA
  • Percent who Understand how Performance Linked to Organizational Success
  • Percent who Recommend GCRTA as a Place to Work
  • Percent of Employees who Found Training Valuable
  • Hours of Training Per Capita

Our Values

Diversity & Inclusion: The inclusion of individuals representing more than one: gender, race, sex, national origin, color, religion, socioeconomic stratum, sexual orientation. Better insights and business decisions can be achieved because of inclusion of team members with varied experiences, ideas, cultures, and perspectives.

Ethics and Integrity: We are dedicated to the highest ethical standards, including uncompromising honesty and integrity in our daily activities.

Fiscal Responsibility: We are committed to manage every taxpayer and customer-generated dollar as if it were coming from our own pocket.

Innovation: Boldly trailblazing on the leading edge of transit industry innovations in equipment, technology, employee development and learning, partnerships, and overall operational impacts.

Respect: We will treat all members of the RTA family, our customers and the general public with dignity and respect.

Responsibility and Accountability: Every individual is accountable. Meeting our individual responsibilities will ensure that collectively, RTA is a high-performing organization. We will meet all regulations and commitments and continually strive to improve.

Safety: The safety of our passengers, our employees and the general public is always our top priority.

Service Excellence: We will provide safe, clean, reliable, on-time, courteous service that our customers and the community will view as outstanding.

Teamwork: We believe in teamwork and will foster a spirit of cooperative effort within RTA and with our partners.