GCRTA Seeking Candidates for Civilian Oversight Committee

Jan 12, 2023

Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) is Seeking Candidates for Our Newly Created Civilian Oversight Committee (COC)

The GCRTA is seeking seven members that represent the diversity of our community to serve objectively and without bias on the COC. Click this link to review the requirements for service and apply to serve on the COC: https://www.riderta.com/coc/apply

“The COC is a voluntary and proactive effort that seeks to give voice to the community and enhance accountability through an independent review and investigation of public complaints of alleged misconduct by GCRTA’s Transit Police Department,” said GCRTA General Manager and Chief Executive Officer India L. Birdsong Terry. 

The role of a COC member includes:
• Increasing public understanding of GCRTA police policies and procedures.
• Improving relationships by fostering communication between community and police.
• Improving the quality of Internal Affairs investigations.
• Recommending and identifying areas of concern and offering options to improve policing.

“As a proponent of modern-day policing, the creation of a voluntary civilian oversight committee is an example of accountability and transparency in my leadership of the GCRTA Transit Police Department,” said GCRTA Chief of Police, Deirdre Jones.

Establishing this committee continues to demonstrate GCRTA’s commitment to building trust through transparency and engagement with community stakeholders.