Nov 18, 2013
Old and new RTA signs

CLEVELAND -- The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) is introducing new, informative and attractive bus stop signs. The signs include the route number, destination and span of service, such as:

                11 Downtown

                7 Days a Week

                Early AM through Late Night


“When we surveyed customers, they told us they wanted more information at their bus stops, and we are pleased to be able to provide it,” says Steve Bitto, Director, RTA Marketing and Communications.

Some pole signs will display info for multiple routes.

This is a lengthy process, as RTA has more than 8,500 bus stops throughout Cuyahoga County. Changes are being made route by route.

Bus stop consolidation

RTA has also begun the process of analyzing and consolidating its bus stops throughout the county. When the process is completed, riders could see several possible benefits.

  • Improved travel times for customers.
  • Improvements in on-time performance.
  • Reduced fuel and maintenance costs, which frees up money for service.

The industry standard is 6 stops per mile, and typically, an RTA bus route has more than 6. RTA’s goal is to consolidate at least 15 percent of its bus stops, and meet the industry standard. If there are six stops per mile, then the stops will be 1/6 of a mile, or 880 feet, apart.

There will continue to be bus stops at or near major intersections and key buildings, where many riders board.

For instance, on the eastbound 26 Detroit, RTA is planning to reduce the number of bus stops by 28 percent, from 68 to 49. As crews prepare to change signs, notices will be placed 2 weeks in advance, informing customers of the coming change, and their options.

Media Contact: Mary Shaffer, 216-566-5211