Nov 25, 2013
Boarding a bus on Public Square

CLEVELAND -- The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) adjusts its service quarterly: The next change will affect 30 routes on Dec. 15, 2013. This adjustment has lots of improvements for riders.

Highlights of changes

  • RTA routes 135, 246, 251/451, 263, will all now use the new Innerbelt bridge going westbound. (This transition officially happened in November).
  • Service will be added to two CMHA housing complexes . (#81 pilot program additions)
  • 5: Weekdays trips routed via Park East and Richmond Road; Sunday service will be extended until midnight.
  • 10: Overnight trips to Arcelor-Mittal steel works routed via the Turney-Ella loop.
  • 15: Improved span of service.
  • 19: Service to Fargo Avenue extended to midnight. To speed travel, westbound trips from Fargo no longer travel via Loop at East 131st-Caine.
  • 30: Improved Saturday evening service, 30 minutes frequency.
  • 41-41F: Adding rush hour trips in both directions & adding express PM express trips using freeway, due to increased ridership to Solon
  • 2 & 16: Weekday daytime service will be added, linking Steelyard Commons directly to Newburgh Heights, Slavic Village and areas near East 55th and East 79th streets.

Additional info on routes 2 & 16

  • During weekday daytime hours, the 16 will extend north along East 55th Street to South Marginal Road. Route 2 will no longer be needed on East 55th Street. The redesigned 2 (now called "East 79") will continue serving East 79th Street, Bessemer Avenue and East 65th Street.
  • From Broadway/Union, route 2 will extend southeast on Broadway, south on East 71, west on Harvard Avenue, and north on Jennings Road to Steelyard Commons. All weekday daytime route 16 trips will use Fleet Avenue and Washington Park, before continuing west on Harvard Avenue and north on Jennings Road to Steelyard Commons.

Timetables adjusted: Look at or pick them up at these locations

Red Line, Blue Line/Green Line, 1, 2, 5, 7, 9, 10, 15, 16, 19, 22, 26, 30/39/39F, 32, 38, 41-41F, 48-48A, 49, 58, 75, 79A-B, 81, 86, 90F, 135, 246, 251/451, 263, 751/752.

  • New timetables are posted on 
  • RTA’s trip planner is Google Transit. Data will be updated before the changes take effect. Go to
  • Stop by RTA's Main Office, 1240 W. Sixth St.
  • Visit RTA's Customer Service Center at the Tower City Station, 50 Public Square.
  • To order a timetable by mail, call the RTAnswerline, 216-621-9500.

RTA provides quality, economic and safe public transportation via rail, bus and Paratransit throughout Cuyahoga County. Real-time information is available for all buses and trains. Check or call the RTAnswerline at 216-621-9500.

Media Contact: Mary Shaffer, 216-566-5211