Mar 24, 2022

Violence in our community affects all of us, and we are extremely saddened by the loss of life on Monday evening, aboard our HealthLine.

A tragic incident like this one is a very rare occurrence on GCRTA service, and we firmly believe that our buses and trains continue to be a safe place for riders to travel throughout Greater Cleveland.  Over the past several years, we have invested heavily in security technology and surveillance systems to serve as a crime deterrent and investigative tool when situations arise.  In fact, every GCRTA bus has a minimum of eight cameras installed, with HealthLine buses equipped with 12 cameras onboard. Additionally, we have a robust camera system at GCRTA train stations, transit centers and HealthLine stations.

To support our ongoing commitment to safety, GCRTA has a dedicated transit police department, currently consisting of 84 officers. This department’s goal is to ensure the safety of both our employees and the riding public.  Later this year, transit police will be expanded to include the Ambassador Program, a new initiative developed to enhance safety and customer service aboard our vehicles, through direct customer outreach.  GCRTA stands firm in the belief that a blend of traditional policing and modern civilian outreach is an effective combination in resolving non-violent quality of life issues identified aboard public transit.

As we move forward, GCRTA transit police will continue to review our policing and safety strategy to increase visibility, deter crime, and assist in investigation resolution.  These efforts are intended to assist and enhance the overall safety of our customers, employees, and the public.

India Birdsong
General Manager/CEO
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority