Jan 3, 2019

“New Year, New Me” is a phrase heavily used around this time of the year. But what does that really mean? For some it may be to start eating healthier, going to the gym, or even spending more time with their loved ones. There are obvious benefits to all of these New Year’s Resolutions, but what about taking advantage of RTA’s public transportation?

A popular New Year’s Resolution is to avoid using plastic straws. Why? Plastic straws pollute our oceans and beaches and are a threat to marine life. Who doesn’t love a tropical clean beach? That is why I am choosing to say “NO” to plastic straws. Public transportation is not only convenient for you, it is also beneficial to our environment. But, how? Public transportation reduces Carbon Footprint; the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon gasses emitted fuel to the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person, group, etc. (TimeForChange.org). By taking RTA, you will be a leading role in decreasing road congestion, improving air quality, saving and conserving energy.

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA), states that a total of 87% of trips on public transit have a direct impact on the local economy. RTA helps connect people with career opportunities while providing you safe and easy access to your job. Riding RTA saves taxpayers money on infrastructure costs and even boosts commerce.

Not a big fan of public transportation? Unfortunately, many times it can get a bad reputation. But did you know there are health benefits linked directly to riding transit? Studies show people who tend to use public transportation a few times a week walk much more than the average commuter. A recent study showed a healthier lifestyle and more productivity at work can be attained by riding public transportation. Doesn’t everyone say they want to get healthier in the New Year?

In 2019, let’s make our mental well-being a priority. When riding RTA, you are able to sleep, read, write, relax, or even make a new friend while safely reaching your destination. It gives you the opportunity for that last-minute nap before work or time to finish up that important paper. Public transportation provides access to social and other therapeutic activities to increase community involvement. This helps improve the symptoms of depression as well as other mental health conditions. Smile at a fellow rider! Ride with us and make yourself a priority this year.

Saying “YES!” to riding RTA can be the first step in becoming a physically and mentally healthier individual.  RTA provides you with a safer commute, as well as creates opportunities to make new friends or catch up on last-minute work. However you spend your time on RTA, you can count on us to be reliable and comfortable.  Hop on a bus, train, or trolley and become part of the RTA family this year and begin earning your Rider’s Rewards! For more information on Rider’s Rewards and to see how taking transit can earn you discounts around town, visit www.rideRTA.com/rewards.


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