RTA's Paratransit facility

Paratransit ridership continues to grow. RTA now provides more than:

  • 1,700 trips each day.
  • 12,000 trips each week.
  • 50,575 trips each month.
  • 648,500 trips each year.

Providing Paratransit service is an unfunded federal mandate – no trip can be denied. That requires transit providers like RTA to supply all trips requested by the 16,000 ADA certified customers in Cuyahoga County.

Thanks to technology upgrades in the scheduling software, effective management and a tireless staff, RTA has not had a trip denial since July 1, 2007. During that time, more than 6.3 million trips have been provided.

It cost RTA approximately $45 to provide each Paratransit trip. Federal guidelines permit RTA to charge Paratransit customers up to twice the standard fare to recoup some of that expense. Fares will not meet that level, but they will increase soon, as RTA works to remain fiscally sound.

Effective Sunday, Aug. 6, 2017:

  • Paratransit fares will rise from the current $2.50 per trip to $2.75 per trip, an increase approved last year by the RTA Board. Trustees decided a step increase would be easier on customers. Instead of one large increase, fares are scheduled to rise to $3 per trip in 2018 and $3.25 per trip in 2019.
  • In response to customer feedback, a new 5-ride farecard will be introduced for $13.75.

The fare increase affects existing Paratransit fare media categories. The new prices are:

  • All-Day Pass $7.50, for unlimited use until 3 a.m. the next day.
  • 7-Day Pass $30, for unlimited use for 7 days, from the time it is activated.
  • Monthly Pass $110, for unlimited use during the calendar month. The new price will start with the Monthly Pass sold for September 2017. Monthly Passes for August 2017 will be sold at the current rate, and may be used all month.

All Paratransit fare media will be accepted, regardless of when it was purchased. It will be honored with no additional funds. After Aug. 31, additional cash cannot be added to existing tickets to meet Paratransit fares.

RTA fares page

Paratransit policies remain unchanged.

  • ADA customers will continue to pay the Senior/Disabled cash fare of $1.25 when using fixed-route service.
  • Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) will continue to ride free on Paratransit, but must pay the regular fare for fixed-route service.

The fare increase does NOT affect:

  • Bus/Rapid fares.
  • Park-n-Ride fares.
  • Senior/Disabled cash fares.

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