Student U-Pass Program

 Student U-Pass Program

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U-Pass is short for “Universal Pass.” RTA offers a discounted transit pass to students at participating colleges and universities. The pass enables students to ride RTA anywhere, at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does U-Pass cost?  
A: The cost of a U-Pass can vary between schools. Please contact your school for updated information on the program and the related cost.

Q: How does RTA service the campus?  
A: Numerous bus routes from all parts of Cuyahoga County provide service in and around area campuses. Students can also ride the Red, Blue or Green Rapid transit lines, or the HealthLine, and transfer to a bus that goes to their campus.

Route Schedules

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Q: Who is eligible to participate in U-Pass? How is it distributed?

Please contact your school for additional information regarding distribution of the U-Pass and participation in the program.

Q: Can I use the U-Pass for other trips?  
A: Yes. The U-Pass allows participating students to make unlimited trips and transfers on RTA. It can be used 24/7 for everything from shopping in Coventry to barking at the Dawg Pound in Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Q: Is the U-Pass good year-round?  
A: The U-Pass is re-issued each semester and may generally be used for a few days before the beginning of each semester, and a few days after the end of each semester.  Please contact your school for current information on the exact dates for your school.

Q: Can students petition to be exempt from the program?  
A: No, it isn’t an opt-in/opt-out program. This allows all students to receive a drastically reduced rate.

Q: Who can I contact for more information on U-Pass?  
A: Send an e-mail to the RTA Accounting Department at