Red Line Riders - Boarding Platform Adjustment

 Red Line Riders - Boarding Platform Adjustment

Effective Wednesday, April 17, 2024, until further notice, 24/7 single track operations will begin at the W.117- Madison and Triskett Stations due to the Eastbound Bridge over W.117th Street being taken out of service for rehabilitation.

Riders boarding the Red Line at the W.117 - Madison Station, will encounter an 8’ temporary fence down the center of the platform. The fence establishes a work zone area for the contractor in addition to providing protection for customers.

All boarding and alighting at the W. 117 - Madison and Triskett Station will take place on the North side of the platform.  

Observe train destination signs for direction of travel. 

NOTE: Due to 24/7 single track operations, delays may be experienced throughout the Red Line in both directions.

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority appreciates your patience as this necessary work is completed. 

Routes Affected