Road Closure Reroutes

 Road Closure Reroutes


Beginning Tuesday, May 23, 2023 - Thursday, June 8, 2023, the #48 will be rerouted due to construction.

#48: East 131
Southbound: From Adelbert Rd, left on Circle Dr., right on Cornell Rd, continue Edgehill Rd., right Derbyshire Rd., right on Euclid HTS Blvd, right on Cedar Rd returning to regular route. to Regular
Northbound: From Cedar/University Rapid Station, continue Cedar Rd., left on Euclid HTS Blvd., left on Derbyshire Rd., left on Edgehill Rd., right on Cornell Rd., left on Circle Dr., right on Adelbert Rd. returning to regular route.

Routes Affected

Major Stations Affected