How the Waterfront Line was constructed

 How the Waterfront Line was constructed

The 2.2-mile Waterfront Line is an extension of RTA's Blue Line and Green Line. Light-rail trains travel between the Tower City Station and the South Harbor Station in the Municipal Parking Lot south of the Shoreway.

The Waterfront Line opened July 10, 1996. It was a Legacy Project for the City of Cleveland's bicentennial celebration that year.

Project cost

$55.2 million for construction
$15.3 million for design
$00.4 million for incidentals

$70.9 million, total project cost

How the project was funded

The design work was locally funded.

Construction work funding:

$30 million, Bond Anticipation Notes issued in 1995, bonded in 1996 as part of the $70 million Series 1996 Capital Improvement Bonds.
$10 million, Certificates of Participation, issued in 1995 and paid off over seven years.
$10 million, Grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) (1)
$5.2 million, RTA local funds

(1) Bond money, paid back over a seven-year history (1995-2002). ODOT contributed $12.7 million in additional construction investments to support the Waterfront Line, including assistance with the construction of the bridge over the Conrail tracks.

Ron Tober was RTA's General Manager at that time. His term of 11.5 years lasted from May 2, 1988 to Oct. 21, 1999.

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